Pan Pacific International Trading Co., Ltd.


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The predecessor of Justneo is found at Don Quijote Co., Ltd. in 2002, the section where we plan supplying products; the“Import Business Department”.
In June 2015, as a wholly owned company of the distribution companies assembly PPIH, we have now established a cooperation focusing on supplying products based on our experiences cultivated by the “Import Business Department”.

We aim to be a most trustworthy partner for our group and customers by pursuing our corporate principle ‘Valuing the Customer as Our Utmost Priority’ to farthest with honest simplicity.

Our business concept is to take advantage of our sales force by only-one-operation of the PPIH Group, and establish the unique channel of supplying ‘products’.
Especially as a business not having stores we believe that the products are on the ‘road connecting to our customers’, therefore our group philosophy of manufacturing (product development) ‘the greatest manufacturing’ should be put into practice.

Every one of our employees is going to pursue ‘affinity for customers’ thoroughly in an increasingly globalized world. Our mission is to ‘supply’ products that have continuous popularity among more of our customers that will eventually grow up to ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, ten millions, and more.

To achieve the mission, there are various processes and means such as manufacturing, management, planning, exporting and importing, and human resources with enthusiasm is essential.
We act up to what we refer the greatest DNA from our group,‘empowerment’, since keep challenging for a change supports the passion of people, which we believe is the fundamental principle to progress and develop company flexibly.

Not only our products, but through all our business activities, we try our best to be admitted by customers with diverse sense of values.

We appereciate your kind support.

Pan Pacific International Trading Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Tetsuro Baba